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About Us

Alana Koufalakis

At Diamond Physique, we base our services on a number of key principles. We believe in providing our clients with more than just an aesthetic treatment - we provide an elite experience.


Alana is the business owner and consultant at Diamond Physique.  She is a certified diamond beauty therapist with over 13 years experience and has treated over 4000 clients throughout her career.  Alana has acquired essential knowledge and skills in how to achieve outstanding results.  A major contributor to her expertise was her career working directly for the creators of Diamond technology.  Throughout her experience Alana has achieved remarkable results and a reputation for her ability to help motivate my clients towards a healthier lifestyle.


She is highly trained in providing a customised service and treatment plan to suit the individual needs of the client, so as to ensure a desired outcome is achieved in an effective and affordable way. 


Alana's passion is to help bring out the very best in everyone.  She strives to provide an elite service by ensuring that her client’s needs are met at all times.  She aims to not only achieve the client’s desired outcome but also improve a client’s confidence and self esteem. Alana's services include a thorough consultation with each client in order to gain an in depth understanding of the client’s lifestyle as well as develop a strong rapport with the client.  The appropriate treatment is recommended that will help achieve the client’s desired outcomes most effectively. 

Diamond Physique is well-known for building strong rapports with its clients and creating a positive environment that allows the clients to feel comfortable and safe at all times. We believe in the importance of connecting with our clients and making their needs feel heard. We strive to bring out the very best in our clients by helping to improve their self-confidence, esteem and love of self. 

We offer a full range of unique treatments that are very affordable and customised to suit your needs that ultimately produce the best results. Diamond treatments are specialised in restoring beauty, energy and health with highly advanced technology that naturally stimulates our bodies to respond in a desired way.  The treatments are non-invasive, surgery free and painless. They are designed to not only treat what can visibly be seen on the outside, but also treat the cause of unwanted conditions that are occurring on the inside. 


Our services include face and body treatments, which can assist with fat removal, cellulite management, inch loss, toning and firming, toxicity, general wellbeing, anti-aging, fine lines and wrinkles, open pores, sun damage, acne related skin conditions, stretch marks, collagen regeneration, scarring, pigmentation and much more!

With the appropriate treatment, sufficient time and adequate maintenance, we can help you to achieve long lasting results that will leave you feeling amazing and naturally rejuvenated.

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