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Salon Etiquette

Arrival Time

All clients are asked to ensure that they arrive 5 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time. First time guests will receive a 30 minute consultation time to fill out a consultation form and discuss the treatment and client goals. Late arrivals will risk their appointment time being reduced to respect the next scheduled appointment. Late arrivals beyond 15 minutes will face a cancellation of their appointment and a loss of their deposit paid.


Body Treatments: It is best to wear loose clothing that is comfortable. Disposable underwear and gowns are provided if required. Please be aware that products can get onto clothing, although every effort is made to avoid this. It is also advised to avoid spray tan and moisturiser on the area/s that are being treated.

Face Treatments: Please ensure that you wear an open-neck top without a collar.


It is essential that the clients drink 2L of water daily pre- and post-treatment to aid the detoxification process that is stimulated by the treatment.


Medical Conditions

If you have any medical conditions, are pregnant or planning to be, or are on any medications, please discuss these when booking your appointment.  If you are uncertain about whether a medical condition would prevent you from having a specific treatment, please do not hesitate to contact for any information.

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